table top atelier staab

de-curated tabletops in assistance of Leonard Kahlke for Wahaca/U.K

made in Great Britain 2013


dutch mid-century design, re-visited in colourful fabric and matching buttons

Ball clock George Nelson re-visited

Ball clock by Georg Nelson 1949, balls removed and replaced by wood pieces from spare parts, watch hands de-formed

Georg Nelson Ball clock re-visited

cutted print of a classic 1800's oil painting, added neon stripes

mid.century chairs, re-modeled, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


mid-century coffee table, re-formed, multi layered with spraypaint, lacquered with high gloss varnish

collage of a 1800 's painting, cutted, spraypainted, unframed

cutted print of an oil painting, neon stripes added


copper bowl, spraypainted in neon


combination of three pieces, drawer, mid-century office chairs spraypainted and multi lacquered with two component lacquer


early Thonnet chair with Bauhaus backrest, spraypainted and multi-lacquered with two components high gloss varnish

classic 50's chair for a concert hall, backrest replaced, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


stool of indonesian reclaimed wood, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

benches for wahaca Brighton

table and 4 benches for wahaca in Brighton, spraypainted and lacquered

 1950's side chair, re-shaped and spraypainted


re-worked 50's chair, spraypainted, multi-lacquered with 2k varnish


big wood spoon spraypainted and lacquered

overspraqyed oilpainting in original frame

mid-century chairs, re-designed, abroad, spraypainted and mult lacquered


wood and iron sculpture, spraypainted, abraded and laquered

Portrait of a bearded man

cut painting of a classis oil painting, added neon stripes on paper

portrait of a beautiful woman

cut print from 1900 oil painting, neon stripes added


set of four Egon Eiermann chairs, re-modeled, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

old bavarian chair, remixed, lacquered and spraypainted


sculpture made from indonesion wood, carved, spraypainted and cutted

oversprayed oilpainting in original frame

oversprayed oilpainting in original frame

verdeckte Wirklichkeit_Staab_.

side table, re-formed, spraypainted, layered, varnished

Thonnet chair vs Bauhaus seat, spraypainted and multi lacquered


oil painting in orig. frame, oversprayed with neon paint


set of two stools, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


oversprayed oilpainting in original frame

6 stackable chairs, mid-century, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


200 year old workers bench, one leg replaced, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


turn of the century balkony door, window blackened, carved, painted and spraypainted


 old wood root, added branches as legs, neon spraypainted and multi lacquered

traditional austrian chair, cut, sprapainted and multi-lacquered


farmers stool, cut, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


work bench, coffee table, branches as legs added, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

upcycled table

old farmers table, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

classic german workers chair, spraypainted and lacquered

egon Eiermann s 68 re-mixed

4 stackable Se 68 chairs, re-formed, spraypainted & lacquered several times

LDF 2015 achievement for 19 Greek Street/ London

Yacht table, cut, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

Se 68 re-modeled, cut, spraypainted and multi-lacquered


stackable chairs, cut, sprapainted, multi-lacquered


1950's basket with wooden flowers, spraypainted and lacquered

gift for the wedding of a friend

1930's workers chair, re-modeled, spraypaynted and multe lacquered

Bundeswehr chair, remodeled, abroad and gassed sprayed with graffiti colours, multilayered with 2 k varnish, for wahaca, middlesex street London E1 7JH

mixture of two classics, spraypainted and multi lacquered

upcycled chairs by markus friedrich staab

60's industrial chairs, re-modeled, spraypainted and multi lacquered

fragile custom made plywood chairs from the 50's/ Germay, cut, spraypainted and multi lacquered with 2k varnish

upcycled chairs by markus friedrich staab

prototypes from the early 60's, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

shoemakers stool, spraypainted, carved and multi-lacquered

200 year old wood, spraypainted and multi lacquered

30's chair, cut, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

working stool, re-modeled, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

mix of two chairs, painted, spraypainted, abroaded and lacquered

probably 50's industrial chairs, re-formed, sanded, spraypainted and lacquered with 2k varnish


robust 1930's german architects chair, brought out of shape, spraypainted and multi-lacquered with high gloss 2k varnish


farmers stool, remodeled, painted and multi lacquered

upcycled stools, spraypainted, 12 times lacquered


work stool, re-modeled, spraypainted, abraded and multi lacquered with high gloss 2k varnish

60's bench from a Hamburg courtroom,  spraypainted, re-modeled and multi lacquered


taboret, spraypainted, multi lacquered with high gloss varnish

mixed media

mixed media collage


 bavarian farmers chair without backrest, spraypainted and multi varnished

plywood table, aluminium frame, re-modeled, sanded, spraypainted and multi lacquered with 2k varnish

mix of two 60's items, spraypainted with grafiti colours

upcycled stools, spraypainted and multi lacquered with 2k varnish


classic 1920 chair re-visited, spraypainted, painted and multi-lacquered


Bundeswehr Besucherstuhl, spraypainted, multi lacquered with 2k varnish

rotating 60's office chair, re-modeled, spraypainted & multi lacquered

nordic stuhl neu gemacht, spraypainted, lackiert und Lehnenstreben verändert

Stools for "Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg" 2014

bavarian wood, carved, spraypainted and multi lacquered

fragile 60's side table, boats table, spraypainted and multi lacquered with 2k lacquer


60's designer chair re-visited


german bench from the 60's,  spraypainted, deformed and 12 x lacquered with 2k varnish

upcycled chair_markus_friedrich_staab_2014

set of four classic wood chairs re-visited and multi-lacquered

bavarian stool, remixed, spraypainted and multi lacquered


old bavarian workdesk, spraypainted and multi lacquered with 2k varnish

multi layered table top, spraypainted and multi multi lacquered


sideboard by Kramer, re-visited in Wharton Esherick manner, spraypainted, multi lacquered with 2k varnish


in the manner of bauhaus stools, reformed, spraypainted, lacquered ca. 12 times

farmers chair, re-modeled, spraypainted, multi-lacquered

old garden chair, coloured with neon & lacquered 12 times

stool re-visited


wooden Box, spraypainted, lacquered with 2k varnish

classic chair brought out of shape, different backrest, spraypainted & surfaced with 21 layers of 2k lacquer


nordic design chair, backrest cut, extended legs with plastics neon shucks, spraypainted & lacquered 21 times

found frame combined with countertop, spraypainted and lacquered with 15 layers of boats lacquer


1960's church chairs re-visited, cut, abreaded, spray-painted with graffiti cans and varnished

stool from a workshop, painted with green neon colour, re-shaped


Rockets made out of used bottles. paint, glue, coloured tape, etc.


reshaped mid-century chairs, coloured with spray paint & lacquered 12 times



old solid wooden stool, spraypainted & lacquered with 12 layers of boats varnish

Strumpffabrikstühle, remixed with spraypaint and 2 k lacquer, legs enhanced

very old working stool combined with backrest from a bar stool. spraypainted with graffiti colours


30's kitchen chair, spraypainted, cut seat, multilayered with varnish

up-cycled_recycled_chair_Markus_Friedrich_Staab_Martini Zing_2013

industrial 60's chair slidely painted, with fingerhole in the backrest

table top of building timber, spraypainted with neon colours and multi-lacquered, frame from fleamarket

60's chair with scar on the seat, cut grip hole, striped & lacquered with 16 layers of varnish

upcyceled chair

upcyceled chair

classic nordic chair, cutted and re-build


classy chair with one arm rest removed, spraipainted, handpainted & multi lacquered

Frankfurter Stühle for a private home in South Africa

dinner and kitchen table and chairs for F. Lorber




Egons chair, black colour draged away, new backrest, coloured & lacquered 16 times

stool, re-mixed, spraypainted and multi-lacquered

iron & wood working stool, seat re-shaped, spraypainted and multi layered with 2k laquer

working stool brought out of shape, spraypainted and lacquered several times


uralter milchhocker, umgeformt, besprüht mit Spraypaint & klarlackiert


ex barstool , spraypainted, cut & lacquered 16 times

200 years old table, re-designed, re-shaped. spraypainted & lacquered with 12 layers of boats varnish


stool re-modeled, legs from side table, seat from bar stool, spraypainted & lacquered with 16 layers of 2k lacquer

Thonnet chair, different backrest with grip hole, coloured & layered 16 times with 2k lacquer

Remix of chairs and stools for Chandos Place Wahaca London.

Chairs painted with graffiti spray and laquered with 7 layers of high gloss


Spraypaint and 2 k varnish added on a 50's classic, seat brought out of shape

Hängeschränckchen, besprüht, lackiert

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled_markus_staab

classic 70's chair, seat cut, spraypainted & lacquered with clear varnish


old bavarian farmers chairs, seat re-shaped, spraypainted & multi lacquered


60's church chairs, coloured with paint spray, lacquered with 8 layers of car varnish


russian kitchen chair, backrest removed, seat engraved, coloured and lacquered with 12 layers of baots varnish


chair from a doctors office

up-cycled stool_markus_friedrich_staab

spraypainted, lacquerded with boats varnish

shabby Thonnet chair, spraypainted & lacquered 10 times

60's kitchen chair, re-shaped, text added, spraypainted and multi-layered with boats varnish


ex barstool, remodeled, cut, spray painted with graffiti colours & lacquered

combination of two norwegian chair models, remodeled, spraypainted & multi lacquered

industrial chair, remodeled, spraypainted and multi lacquered


cut barstool from the red light district Frankfurt, spraypainted and multi lacquered


chairs of the "in colours we trust" series for the Charlotte Street Restaurant wahaca.

old table, spraypainted, decorated & varnished a million times. co-work with sonjasofiayakovleva

high working stool, remodeled,  spraypainted & lacquered


abraded, striped, and multi lacquered mid-century industrial chair

atelier Markus Friedrich Staab_table_stamps

side table, re-visited, spray-painted and multi-lacquered

stool, spraypainted and multi lacquered


painted wood ca 40 x 30 cm

50's kitchen table, boats lacquered, stamps, colour

commissional work for Wahaca Restaurant, by Alice Lund for Softroom Ltd.


workers bench from my great grandfather, spraypainted & lacquered

wood chair circa 1981, re-shaped. blackened with multi layers, neon stripes

back and seat coulored with neon spray, multi-lacquered with 2k varnish

This event was realized by Kulturamt Frankfurt/Main. resp. Kristine Listau, especialy for the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2011

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

the original green surface is ruff abraded. Coloured in neon. New varnished style


collapsible stool, plastered with colour tape, boats-lacquered, used as a sewing box or obscureretreat


Hommage to Andy Warhol. Simple smal 50's table toped with several neon layers, spray & paper

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

original surface erased to show the pure wood. alarm shape and warning colours

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

Six 60's design classics. stackable. the original surface is ruff abraded. sprayed in neon colours. multi layered with boats varnish

re-furbished midcentury design classic/Sweden

original nordic design craft. seating surface ripped off. modernized in neon colours and layerd with boats varnish

60's design classic slightly touched

original shape. seat applicated with three black icons. multi layered with boats varnish

the seat is made out of three planks from the playground where I play with my children

Layered IKEA chair transformed in shape of a stool

Original 60's HENNINGER barstool from the famous redlight disttrict in Ffm. The legs been cut to chairsize, touched with neon colours.

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

stolen from the cellar of a friend. retouched with graffiti colours and varnished in 8 layers of boats varnish

up-cycled stool_markus_friedrich_staab

old wood seat with 50's metal legs, spraypainted and multi lacquered

I participated as a featured artist on this beautiful event Ffm december 2011


industrial  80's chair, with stickers from a graffiti artist, cut to new shape, spraypainted &  multi lacquered

probably a german GASTHAUS STUHL from the 30's. re-furbished with graffiti colours and layered with boats varnish


1950's style stool with the slidest touch of modernity

fascinating original 50's design turned into a racing car

50's framework and particle board sprayed with graffiti colours, finished with 7 layers of boat varnish. Fragile but useable

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

german school chair, back exchanged with the back from a trad. kitchenchair, sanded and coloured

markus_staab_es wird_gegessen_was_auf_den_tisch_kommt_tisch

engraved tabeltop, lacquered with 12 layers of boats lacquer


workers chairs from a clothing factory


70's working chair found on corner. Cut out to new shape and coloured with griffiti colours

Atelier_ Markus _Friedrich_ Staab_2011

re-decorated grandmas kitchen chairs, spray-painted

Africa meets Jacobsen. culture clash with a bavarian heart in the chairback

re-design_ re-cycled_up-cycled

piece found on the streets. re-formed and painted in several colours

antroposophic stool that once was a chair

antroposophic stool that used to be a 1970's chair, neon colours, boats laquer

wood sculpure

wood sculpure of a prophet, roof beam from my perental house. stained. paper neon stickers added to the eyes, lacquered with spraypaint

Oil painting of a self-touching woman wearing a crown, 120 x 80 cm

© 2011 Markus Friedrich Staab

unframed overpainted oil and acryl painting

Oil painting of a pleading naked man


Acryl Painting, crouted, painted and varnished


Acryl Painting, crouted, painted and varnished

Oil Painting, grouted, painted, varnished

painting of a woman on wheels that she can't leave

sculptures made out of roof construction wood


oil painting of a self showing female

oil painting of a thinker

wood scuptures

Bronce statue from original wood

oil painting of a falling female


Oil painting, crouted, painted and varnished

oil painting of a man on a chair pointing on something

carved relief of a naked prince


Sand and Acryl Painting

table remodeled, colours added, boats varnished and polished

classic farmers chair, spraypainted, lacquered 15 times

proposal for stools, chairs or table tops made out of reclaimed wood and acryl

collotation in a gallery (Frankfurt/M.) 2013


50's kitchen chair with very shabby surface, spraypainted & lacquered 12 times